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QDT V1.02r has been released (bug fixes for 1.01r)
- available from your distributer, email request, or the
Download page (upgrades from 1.01r only)

QDT demo is also available from distributers (v1.00d)

All manuals are available from here.

Coming soon - QDT graphics download page


What's New on this Site


Feb '06

Oct '05

  • QDT V1.01r has been released
  • Drag/Drop Moves
  • IconDraw ColorPicker
  • Install now supports updates
  • QDT v1.01 Brief.pdf added to docs
  • FileManager Preview added to components pages
  • Added Links Section

Jan '05

  • Added QDT distributers to QDT page
  • All PDF and txt guides/manuals have been released and posted

Dec '04

  • Added Latest News Section
  • Added a direct links to QDT: the QL Desktop on the home page
  • QDT Progress report updated
  • Updated QDT section - extensive
  • New screen captures for QDT
  • Add QDT User manuals (more coming)
  • Errata and FAQ Sections added
  • Removed USA QL Show Section

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Who We Are


JDH Software Technologies is, to be honest, just one person; myself.


I have been writing software for over 25 years on and off, with my getting degrees in 1988 for both electrical engineering and computer science. Until recently, I designed hardware for Apple Computer for a living and have been doing software primarily for a hobby. Previously, most of my work has been small tools written in 'C', along with some applications written in Pascal, QL Super Basic, and of course, 'C'. The larger apps included a Parts Store inventory system, an accounts payable package, plus a mail reader.


I have had several projects bouncing around in my head for some time now, with one in a constant state of flux for over four years. Thanks to a promise that I made a couple of years ago, I decided to get serious about the software side of things and what you see here is part of the result.


My current primary project is something for a fairly mature OS (Sinclair QL, SMSQ/E) and is being done for two primary reasons; 1) the small and very loyal QL user community needs it, 2) the project is a tremendous challenge for myself both architecturally and in complexity.


My future projects will be developed primarily for OS X (Apple) and may also be ported to the QL systems. I have decided to remove future support for OS/2 due to severe time constraints.


For more info on any of the software projects listed below, click on the section title or image.


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Sinclair's QL | SMSQ/E

QDT : the QL DeskTop


QL Mail Reader


  • simple BBS Mail Organizer
  • no longer supported


Apple's OS X




  • concept only


Model Train System


  • concept only


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TF Services

Tony Firshman


PD Software and Launchpad

Dilwyn Jones



Marcel Kilgus


J-M-S SMSQ Homepage

Jochen Merz


Q Branch

Roy Wood




London QL and QUANTA Grp


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If anyone has any suggestions, questions, or requests, please send an e-mail by clicking on one of the following icons:


We have for now discontinued the subscription e-mail service and will instead continue to use the news lists, standard publications and direct contact as appropriate to communicate with our customer base.




A Special Thanks


I would like to express my appreciation to Noah Price and prxy Internet Services for hosting this website on his servers!




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