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QDT is a fairly complex piece of software with a substantial amount of architectural planning involved. Documentation will be provided in the form of User Manuals, Revision Briefs, Technical Documents, Errata, and FAQ.

The intent is to make it not only easy for users to find the information they may need but also to encourage 3rd party developers to make applications that interact and behave well within QDT.

All supplied documentation downloaded from this series of websites is fully copyrighted and is not to be distributed and/or modified without prior consent by the copyright holder.

If any documentation is found lacking in detail, missing entirely, or just unclear or incorrect, please notify JDH Software Technologies through the Contacts section.

If a document is available, an icon will appear in its associated column (Adobe or Text). To download it, click on the desired icon.

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QDT: User's Guide    Ver 1.00 01-23-05

QDT: Installer   Ver 1.00 01-23-05

QDT: Configuration Notebooks Ver 1.00 01-23-05

QDT: Icon Draw Ver 1.00 01-23-05

QDT: Quick Start User's Guide Ver 1.00 01-22-05

QDT: Default Icon Manager

QDT: Integrated Help

QDT: Theme Manager

QDT: Job Manager

QDT: Tab LaunchPad

QDT User Manuals

QDT Revision Briefs


QDT: v1.01 Brief

QDT Technical Documentation


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Text /File

QDT: Technical Guide

QDT: Properties, Structures and File Formats

QDT: Icons v0.13   12-18-04

QDT: Icon Color Swatch for Adobe Photoshop 12-18-04


QDT: Integrated Help

QDT: 3rd Party Software Integration

QDT: Special Programming Notes

QDT: Themes

QDT Errata and Implementation Notes

Version Numbering: n.xxc
n = major rev number          xx = sub rev number
c = type of build;        d = demo : n = normal : b = beta : a = alpha

Build Version

Text Download

0.62d, 0.62b updated 01-02-05

1.00r new 01-24-05

1.01r.. new 09-Feb-06

1.02r none known


Please follow this link to the separate FAQs page. As questions come in, we will be building up a list of them and their answers which hopefully will help the users get the most of their QDT experience.

Last Updated: 10/28/05

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