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This page will hold questions and the resulting answers that we get about QDT. Since it will be updated as interesting questions come in, be sure to check it out fresh if you run into any questions or problems with your use of QDT.

The questions are generic to all versions and will not be addressing any specific build errata. Please see the release notes or the more current errata section on this website to cover build specific issues.


QDT Installer

[ updated 09 Feb 2006 ]
1. The installer doesn't seem to unzip the files

  • Make sure that you entered the location of the installer files and that the drive/directory name ends with an '_'
  • Make sure that you have all three files in the same directory. It is recommended that it be at the drive level. For example in the flp1_ or ram1_ locations.

2. I can't get the installer to get past the Destination screen

  • Check to make sure that your boot file exists in the directory you have entered. The installer checks that it is there and if not found, will not enable the Next button.
  • Make sure your directory has an '_' on the end of it
  • If you don't have a boot file (why?), then make an empty file by that name and put it into the root level of your boot drive.

3. I have problems getting the installer files unzipped

  • Only try to install the program by running the included SBasic program and using the unzip that came with the package

4. I see the Installer window open up but I don't see anything but empty boxes and buttons

  • You must be running with the hi-color drivers. QDT and its installer does not support standard QL only color modes.

5. I get a warning message about file names being too long

  • QDT uses sub-directories and therefore can hit the system file/dir name length limitations if you attempt to put it in a directory with a long name or within other sub-directories
  • It is recommended that QDT be put in the root directory of your drive choice such as the recommended location that the installer gives.

6. When the files are being unzipped, I get a warning message about 'signal extensions' not being installed.

  • Just ignore this message, the extensions are not necessary for the install. This is an issue with the latest version of the zip/unzip software commonly usd on the QL.

7. When the installer opens up, it draws the button and gives text but the background is blank and there is no internal window.

  • The installer requires a minimum screen size of 460x340.
  • Quit the installer, resize your QL display to this size or larger and restart.


8. The installer says that it can't find the hot key environment and can't install the hot key menu option

  • For some reason, the installer did not find the hot key environment running or in your boot file
  • If the hot key drop down menu is desired, make sure that the hot key environment is running before QDT is started and then add the following line one line before QDT is called in your boot file. Set the hotkey as desired in the line.

ERT HOT_LOAD1('q', 'win1_qdt_bin_qdthk_exe')




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1. QDT either doesn't start or I can't see anything in the windows and/or icons.

  • Check your installer_log (in win1_QDTINST_ directory or your QDT selected install dir)
  • Check your QDT.log in your QDT selected install dir
  • QDT must be started as per directions with global variables, etc. See the user manual, boot file updates or boot file suggested changes files.

2. At present QDT is not compatible with modified ratios as done by the G-RATIO extensions by Jens Wildbruber

  • This will show up as boxes too short and shifted to the left in notebook, underscores out of place and the Live Update Icon Window in IconDraw looking compressed horizontally
  • To workaround the issue for now, either don't load the extensions or reset the system graphics ratio back by typing the SBasic command "g_ratio 0"

3. Q40/Q60 : I can't seem to find the Background or other files from notebooks. Other file names seem wrong.

  • The Q40/Q60 QCDEXE seems to be truncating the file and individual directory names to only 8 characters when copying them from a CD. Many of the names used are longer that this.
  • The workaround for now is to either extract the files from a PC or Linux directly and transfer them to the Q40/Q60 QDOS section or to manually fix the names. Check the QDT User Manual for proper suffixes and directories required for different files.
  • This is being looked into further but at this time it seems to be a problem exclusively with some of the Q40/60 tools.


1. How do I get a folder to be open when I open QDT (versus closed, ICON only)?

  • If you do a manual save while the folder is open, it will be startup open. At this time, QDT does not recognize the folder open vs folder state as a changed desktop condition so it will not automatically prompt you to save for this.

2. I can't edit the folder title from the open folder or I can't add more characters to the title {releases 0.63 and up}.

  • If the title window is smaller than the text saved for it, you can not edit it. Editing from the folder window restricts the character count for editing to the window size. Simple make the folder wide enough to allow the number of characters you want to use and you can edit the title window without a problem. The maximum number of characters allowed is 32.

3. How do I add a SBasic program to a folder?

  • The initial release (1.00) does not yet support running uncompiled SBasic programs. It will be added for the next release. When it is available, simply add the program

4. Is there a shortcut key to close a folder?

  • From within an open folder, use CNTR F1

5. Some CNTR key combinations don't seem to do anything on my system but are shown in the manuals.

  • Some operating systems/utilities mask out specific key strokes. Make sure that the desired keys are not masked if you are running everything on a QL emulator.


Configuration Notebooks [ updated 09 Feb 2006 ]

1. When I press a hot key nothing happens.

  • Make sure that the cursor is in the primary window area. If it is in the tab area the hot keys will not function.

2. When I press a hot key or click on the corresponding button, nothing happens.

  • Some items are not yet functional. While an effort was made to make sure that there is some kind of response, even if it is a note saying that it is 'not implemented', please check the release notes for your software build to confirm that that particular feature is working

3. Attempting to change the hot key for the drop down menu in the QDT notebook gives the error message "QDTHK_exe not found, hotkey line change not completed"

  • The installer did not recognize the hot key environment during the install and left out a line in the boot file
  • See item #8 in the QDT Installer for details to enable the Hot Key drop down menu capability


Icon Draw

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