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I pretty much cut my teeth on the Sinclair machines, starting with the original Timex/Sinclair ZX81 and still going with QL (SMSQ/E) emulators on a PC. This operating system is very simple to program for but has always included much of the power found in today's modern multitasking operating systems such as Windows 98 and Apple's OS X.

While there is a lot of power behind it, there are many pieces that just don't exist. Being a person who loves to see how far he can take something and always up to a challenge, I decided to fill in one of the bigger holes in the QL's current feature set; a modern desktop front end. Actually, while the architectural challenges of this project have intrigued me for several years now, it almost disappeared from my to do list. But thanks to a promise that I made to Jochen Merz a several years back ["when the full color drivers are introduced for the QL, I will develop a modern desktop to go with them"] along with Jochen's amazing recall for promises, QDT was born and I am deeply buried in this complex and interesting project.

For more information on it (features, system requirements, progress reports, etc.), please follow the link below to the QDT pages.



QDT : the QL DeskTop


QL Mail Reader


  • simple BBS Mail Organizer
  • no longer supported
  • no longer available




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